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Top ten worst game levels

1. Halo 3’s Cortana Oh man, where to start. Any level that looks like a series of sphincters better not be full of shit, but this one is. FPS games are at their best when you’re weapons feel powerful and … Continue reading

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I hate Starcraft 2 multiplayer

Well I’ve almost completed the campaign. It fairs better than I initially thought, some later missions do add a little extra to the usual RTS structure. It is all window dressing of course, fundamentally you are still running the same … Continue reading

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Links of the day 29th July 2010

Was Jesus a conservative or liberal Shermer is awesome Super Streetfighter 4 on 3DS should be rubbish, but its a technical achievment nonetheless: SSF4 3DS Stunning making of Red Dead Redmeptions soundtrack video: Kotaku Life sized mousetrap

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Top 5 Streetfighter vs Tekken match-ups

The rumours are true. What at first was whispered to be a Namco vs Capcom game is instead the rather more sane Street Fighter vs Tekken. I presume this is because other than the Tekken roster all Namco has to … Continue reading

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Links of the day 28th July 2010

Following on from my Super Streetfighter 4 article, heres a great page for learning more: iPLayWinner I don’t see why people sat the Japanese are craz- AUURRGGHHH!! Giant Robot! Gundammit Why Ineptions soundtrack works. Very clever:

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Links of the day 27th July 2010

Impressive DC Universe trailer: DC Universe I kinda like Zack Snyder as a director. This interests me! Sucker Punch I’m currently psyching myself up to start promoting the site. Some of this stuff might be going too far: Top 10 … Continue reading

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Starcraft 2 (First Impressions)

Well its the wee hours of the 27th and Starcraft 2 has decided that it will allow me to install the game now. I had no issues installing, updating or authenticating the game. Memories of Half Life 2 and Steams … Continue reading

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