Medal Of Honour – Two Game Engines?

Apparently EA’s attempt to copy Activisions Modern Warfare franchise shamelessly while using the expertise of DICE on the multiplayer portion of the game has had a strange effect. The game will use the Unreal engine for the singleplayer and the Frostbite engine for the multiplayer, making the game effectivelly two seperate titles duct-taped together.

I’m no fan of Modern Warfare, but have always enjoyed the Battlefield games so its a shame to see the DICE guys told to remake Bad Company, but Modern-Warfare-ise it. Make no mistake, this is EA’s push to steal the Modern Warfare 2 crowd and they will go to extreme lengths to make sure its as similar as its rival in every way. Get ready for five years of Modern Warfare clones with imblanaced perk systems and much murdering of Middle Eastern stereotypes. I blame the ones who bought Modern Warfare 2 despite complaining about it, which would be all of you. Feast on the banality below:

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