Top 5 “Dude, did you see that” moments in games

I often play games alone, but sometimes there are moments where you have to go and find someone, just so they can see the awesome on the screen. Heres a few of those moments:

1. Street Fighter 4 – Gouken’s Ultra.

I know there are lots of good Ultras, some do more damage and some are more spectacular, but I think Gouken’s just nails it as a move. It looks painful, it suits his character and it makes your opponent go “aw nuts” when you get them with it. Even though I probably won’t play SF4 for more than a minute here and there, its still one of the best games of the past five years and probably the best fighting game I’ve played on current gen consoles. This move is a big part of that:

2. Assassins Creed 2 – Canal protection. A mission where you protected a guy who was stabbed while his friend, trying to get him to safety, row’s a gondola down narrow streets. You’re constantly hopping from one side of the canal to the other pulling archers to their death from balconies and taking the enemies out. It showcased everything great about the game and the design and layout of the whole section was exceptional. It allowed you to complete the mission in a freeform way, but all the while it looked as good as the most heavily scripted part of an Infinity Ward game. Immense:

3.MGS4 – Final battle

This is clever because it riffs on the endings of all the games in the series. The names on your energy bar change and your appearance changes as you fight your old rival in hand to hand combat across four rounds of half street fighter/half god of war style combat. It even plays the ending themes from all the previous games as you battle.

4. Arkham Asylum – Won’t spoil this one for those who haven’t experienced it. The picture says it all for those who have.

5. Uncharted 2 – train sequence. The actual gameplay throughtout this game was fun but the conbamt was repetitive and the controls were a bit floaty. The way that the main character had lots of custom, situation dependant animation without taking control away from the player was wonderful though and the sheer graphical splendor was a sight to behold. I had to just hang off the train and look at the environment at one point, and its been a while since a game made me just stare at it in amazement. This kind of thing was what I dreamed games would like in the distant future back when I was playing Flimbo’s Quest on the C64.

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