PS Move Vs Kinnect – How much will they cost?

Lets load up the Amazon baskets and see how much it will cost for Sony and Microsoft’s “big hardware breakthroughs” as put forward at E3. Get ready to waggle!

Microsoft Kinnect

I don't save anything! I'm not fucking buying it!

Ok so thats £230 for the game and console. I went for the new model of the console because it has a big sticker that says “Kinnect Ready” on the front. This mean that this xbox doesn’t need an extra power cable for the Kinnect camera, it plugs in to the console itself to draw power. I chose the shitty sports game because, well because its one of the best things there. Serisouly, its like the past three years never happened!

Anyway, we add to this the price of Kinnect itself, widelly touted as £130 quid. This gives us a total of:


Look how that turned out!

PS3 Move

A bargain at only...wait. What!

To justify some of my choices here, we all know that you need charge stations for these things or you spend even more on batteries. I’ve been conservative and went for just one. You know, because otherwise it might be a bit expensive.

You also need two of the lollipop things to play the fighting game. I think its called something creative:

Ooooo, Urban!

I got a game, camera and controller together so again that was a saving. The total:



A Nintendo Wii costs £150 with motion plus and two decent games. It came out four years ago. You can play Mario Galaxy on it. Nintendo have even abandoned the sill waggle games and have a solid line up this year for the hardcore crowd.

“But its not HD”, I hear you cry. Its alright, neither are the other two.

You don’t get an HD cable with them.

Dance bitches!

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