Today vs 10 years ago vs 20 years ago

Music is terrible these days! Modern movies are all special effects and no story! Kids only want to read about Harry Potter and blood drinking sparkle fairies!

Lets go back to the good old days when neighbours knew each others names, we never locked our doors at night and political correctness wasn’t around to ruin all the fun of racism and misogyny!

Were those days really better though? Lets compare by having a pop culture face off. Its 2010 vs 2000 vs 1990. Fight!


Lets look at the number ones at the box office:

1990: Decent...

2000: Worse....

2010: Kill it! Kill it!

Ok, that went poorly. But I’m sure present day will totally kick the past’s ass in the next category.


Oh dear. Perhaps this just goes to show that all the best songs never go to number one.

1990: Elton John Sacrifice.....hmmm

2000: The REAL Slim Shady

2010: California Gurls...mispulled

I guess you can’t argue with Eminem even if I’m no fan, so once again the present day loses out. Former christian vocalist Perry and former black man Snoop Dogg aren’t even good enough to compete with Elton’s mysterious hat.


So far the past is winning. This is worrying. As E3 has shown this year, there is no future for gaming. Can the present day hold its own?

Ok 1990, what you got for us!


Ok, I won’t lie, that went badly. What does the year 2000 have for us:


That’s not so bad! The Will Wright classic is a tough competitor, but 2010 must have something that can stand up to it. Something positive and life affirming like Marioworld, but with the subtle sense of humour and lightness of touch of The Sims. Something that reminds you that games can take you away from the worries of the world like war, terrorism and horrible Team-America style fist pumping and bomb dropping.


I’m just messin with ya. It was this retro throw-back:

Its-a Me!


The past wins. Today sucks. Even the good stuff from today nicks all the best ideas from 1990. That is all.

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