Top 5 Streetfighter vs Tekken match-ups

The rumours are true. What at first was whispered to be a Namco vs Capcom game is instead the rather more sane Street Fighter vs Tekken. I presume this is because other than the Tekken roster all Namco has to offer is Pacman. And Ms Pacman. Anyway!

These two titles have a huge roster of fantastic characters and putting them together will result in some amazing match-ups. Here’s a few of them that excite me most:

1. Eddy Gordo vs DeeJay

Everyone hates Deejay. The only Streetfighter character made in America and themed on Billy Banks is never going to be a popular pick. Eddy meanwhile spins like he’s stuck in an invisible washing machine, limbs flying in unpredictable and quite frankly ridiculous ways. Nothing would make me happier than to see these two over-confident, smilling party animals spin kick each other to depression and bitterness.

2. Akuma vs Kazuya

So Ryu fighting Kazuya is the one that they show in most of the trailers. I guess thats because they are the biggest draws for their respective franchises, but for me an Akuma/Kazuya face off seems much cooler. I know that Kazuya is very demon-y but none are more demon-y than Akuma. They both have the glowy, evil eyes thing going and they both have very aggressive fight styles with lots of brutal looking specials. Also, when Akuma uses his ultra it sounds like he’s saying “1000 sausages!”.

3. Dan vs Panda

One is a totally ridiculous addition to a fighting franchise….and the other eats bamboo. Sorry. Seriously though, these two joke characters would make a great matchup. It would be genuinely funny to see an overly confident karateka be mauled, savaged and disemboweled by an angry panda. In a game of course, in real life it would be fucking tragic. What if he had kids….

4. Cammy vs Nina Williams

These two are included in their respective franchises purely for the sexual frustrations of pre-pubescent boys so it makes sense that they fight. Wearing a leotard and crushing enemies with her thighs while sporting pigtails, Cammy was created by a team of social scientists to bring about deviant thoughts in boys too young to understand what these strange new feelings were in their underpants. Nina Williams meanwhile is the edgier evolution of the same concept for fourteen year olds. Still grappling and thigh crushing but with a penchant for stiletto heels corsets and S and M style outfits, Nina inflicts pain and loves it! The match would provide all these two characters fanbases demand, girl-on-girl wrestling and grunting.

5. Gouken vs Heihachi

Now we’re talking! My two favourite characters from both games face off. Looking at these two pensioners, it’s just as well this game is coming out now as any delay could see either one of them keel over from heart disease. Heihachi and Gouken are both elder statesmen of their franchises. Gouken taught many of the Streetfighter cast while Heihachi fathered (stud) much of the roster of Tekken. Both willy old veterans thought dead at one time, these two would make a great showing for their rival rosters.

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  1. ealiom says:

    That pandas going on my iphone as a wallpaper

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