I hate Starcraft 2 multiplayer

Well I’ve almost completed the campaign. It fairs better than I initially thought, some later missions do add a little extra to the usual RTS structure. It is all window dressing of course, fundamentally you are still running the same tired RTS missions. The extra attention to detail makes each map a little more unique though, something that greatly adds to the fun.

I decided to try out the multiplayer aspect of the game. I am no veteran of Starcraft multiplayer, but I’ve been playing RTS’s since Dune 2. Build priorities, Rushes, Speed and resources are all aspects im familiar with.

The game gives you an initial 5 matches to determine how good you are. I lost four of those five. The match I did win came down to me destroying my opponents base while he, at that very moment, was trying to destroyed mine.
So I got seeded in Division Rank 4 Bronze League, whatever the hell that means. Bronze is not my favourite colour but I felt lucky to be getting that much.
I look forward to someone emailing me the ranking scale. Showing my particular shade of bronze to be dead bottom. With some fifty levels of “better than me” and varying hues of colour between me and Serene Carbonized Platinum League.

So why is the multiplayer a pile o shit? Well I’ll explain why.

I should have gave up here

So here I am Terran vs Protoss. Now at this point I know I need resources and I need them fast. I begin gathering minerals and I save for a barracks. Being rushed in the last two matches I wanted a few marines to hold of an attack.

The beginning of the end.

Now I believe its at this point where things go wrong. Its also my main reason why I think playing this in multiplayer is so shit. In the last two matches I was rushed by just two units and lost the majority of my ability to collect resources. The game was finished for me a mere two minutes into the game. Unable to recover my opponent killed me piecemeal.
I dont have a problem with being rushed. My problem is in not being able to adapt to your opponent. I’ll come back to this.

Here I am

At 2:49 mins my opponent now knows where I am; but importantly he doesn’t know anything else about my base. I could be building to spam out aircraft, tanks or deciding to turtle myself. He doesn’t know anyting about me at the moment.

This is your attack force. Pah

8:00mins in and he sent in an attack force which I kill. At this point he was probably hoping for a rush kill, I’m not sure. What I’am sure of is that force was sent on a ‘guess’ nothing more. He didnt know what I had he just looked at his force and decided that it was probably enough to kill me. All guessing and judgement, the force got sent and the force died. With no time to adapt to the situation he lost resource points for nothing since he still did not get to see my base.


I decide to capitalize on this victory. I am ‘guessing’ that what he sent to my base was the brunt of his forces so I ‘hope’ to catch his base undefended. At this point I have no idea what he has. How large an army or how well entrenched he is. Im guessing.


Those streaks of blood are what remains of my guess. The huge war of the world rip-offs annihilated my ‘hope’

Doesnt matter what colour it is... It hurts

Galvanised by his victory he sends up his spiders and completely obliterates my army and base. This is Bronze shitty league people!
It is only afterwards looking at the replay that I can see just how far ahead my opponent is, but if I had sent down my army of three marines at the beginning I would have won.
Every strategic decision that was made in this game was made after the fact everything else was a guess, hope and prayer.

I’ve been told that the multiplayer games I play are to an outsider uninviting, intimidating even. Their rules and systems are so steeped in the genres history that the developers just expect you to know their intricacies. I agree with that to a certain extent. But in every online game I’ve enjoyed there is always an individual players ability to adapt. From Streetfighter 4 to counter strike. You may not know half of what is going on but you can still anticipate, learn and adapt to what is happening on screen.

In Starcraft 2 you are thrown into a game that bares no resemblence to the single player game. Their are no tips or advice given to you. You are expected to know everything about playing a human opponent. Not only that you are expected to know, to adapt to something you cannot see nor predict.

Its a problem systemic in RTS’s the fault doesnt lie with Starcraft 2 alone, but if I were to give one game the award for least welcoming online play it would be Starcraft 2. A few hours play will have you tearing your hair out. Regardless of winning or losing I felt the experience to be rather hollow. Which for a multiplayer game is criminal.
When I have won I know that it wasn’t by some master stroke of strategic manoeuvring. It was due simply to me guessing correctly and having the exact response needed to win.

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14 Responses to I hate Starcraft 2 multiplayer

  1. Veldril says:

    I think I kinda understand how you feel but the placement matches are for placing you into the right league (well bronze is the lowest one) and from that point, match you with same level opponents. So don’t be so dishearten. If you practice enough, you could perform a lot better.

    For practicing, you could first try the challenge. The campaign is for fun and story telling but challenges are for preparing players into the multi-player realm. Go from easier ones to harder one.

    Then, you could find some friends and play 3v3 or 2v2 first. With that you could practice using hotkeys and learn basic build orders. Also, it helps you with the basic mechanic of the games. From the picture, I could see you didn’t produce enough workers for resources gathering, which is bad in terms of mechanic.

    In short, as you playing, you will get better. Just try to think competitively and you will automatically practice your skill.

  2. Tom says:

    Great article. Looks good in your screenshots. As usual, I wasn’t interested in this game until you critisized it but now I want to try it so I can argue with you 😛

  3. Tom says:

    Sounds like good advice. Just like streetfight, you gotta learn how to execute a fireball before you learn how (and when) to use it. Learn those hotkeys 🙂

  4. Matt says:

    For all the 9/10 reviews I’m sure Starcraft 2 is going to get, I was extremely dissapointed with the multiplayer. Campaign is great … much better than i expected. But multiplayer really feels outdated. Especially compared with recent RTS games like Dawn of War 2. I had really hoped Starcraft 2 would add some more modern aspects that have made DOW2 such a great game. Eg. marines with machine guns do minimal damage to armoured vehicles or structures, and having strategic points on the battlefield that force troop movement. At the moment it seems like the only strategy is to build up as big a force as possible quickly and hope you have more forces than the enemy when you attack. Also i would have liked troop costs to be higher to focus more on early game battles rather than have most fights comprised of mainly late game units. I’m going to give it more of a chance, but first impressions are not good. Campaign though deserves a 9/10.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Sorry but all I read was your crying because you’re terrible at the game. Instead of ‘omg I can’t adapt’, check online and read up on some build orders, some counters to these rushes, and in general how to play the game. It appears you don’t scout at all, well this is one of the main factors in starcraft multiplayer.

    Also keep in mind that a lot of the people currently playing starcraft 2 online have been playing for months already because of the beta. Even in the scrubby bronze leagues most ppl have a general sense of the game.

    In conclucsion, don’t say the online is terrible because you fail at it. Youre most definitely in the minority on that one.

    • ealiom says:

      Crying? that will be the classic internet “QQ more” response then. I appreciate the advice on checking the internet for guides, build order and tactics but I do know this.

      I enjoy a game that brings a challenge. I enjoy playing against people who are really good. Counterstrike, Sreetfighter, EVE online. I have always thrown myself in the deep end. Adrenaline makes Ealiom happy an easy win does not.

      One of my main problems with the multiplayer is that the initial opening minutes of the game are so set in stone that it feels mechanical. The very fact that you can browse the net for identikit build orders is proof of it. The rigid following of a build order gives little room for an individual’s flare. Missing a build cycle or having a worker idle for a few seconds shouldn’t make you feel like you’re losing. When it comes to this your fighting the game not the player.

      I have read guides and watched replays over and over and with each piece of knowledge I gain it feels like the games scope narrows. I can hold my own now against rushes but in doing this I click a very inflexible serious of commands. Where is the fun in that? Especially when I have to do it at the beginning of every game.

      I concede that this applies only to the opening few minutes of a match, after this anything can happen, but that does not excuse those first few tedious minutes of every match.

      The online is terrible because of this, not because I am terrible at it… which I am admittedly.

      I may be in the minority but that does not make me wrong. Modern Warfare 2, Final Fantasy 13, McDonalds, Twilight, loan advertisements, Miley fucking Cyrus! All super popular and every single one a hideous attack against the senses and blight upon our culture…….

      except… maybe… Egg McMuffins.

      If you are going to respond know that a “QQ more” aint gonna cut it. I am not immune to persuasion or the more preferable plain logic. If you’re going to attempt to refute my observations then you’re going to have to post why.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Some peoples minds just aren’t able to process the complexity of strategy games like starcraft 2, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

    • ealiom says:

      Some peoples minds are so inured against change that they can perform menial mundane tasks endlessly with a smile. Thank god for those people there are a helluva lot of jobs out there that need just that sort of person, unfortunately im not one of them, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Further proving my point that you have no clue what SC2 entails lol. Keep going

  8. Traven says:

    I agree with you 100%. You can’t beat their system or the multi unless you use their exact counters. Even those counters will probably fail. I am very pissed that most games last a max of 10-15 mins not allowing everyone to fully enjoy an all out battle. Instead im rushed time and time again by reapers to my minerals or zerglings to my minerals…. There is no strategy anymore… One guy makes up mineral rush and than everyone follows it. SC2 is old hat – its a pretty version of SC1 with stupid additions to resource management and other idiocies… Honestly I dont think your a QQ at all, I think youre doing the world a favor by raising a red flag on an otherwise oblivious world – too mesmerized by the pretty colors…

    I’m sick of SC2 multiplayer and frankly I was pissed at the ending of the single player… SC2 has been a very disappointing experience and I wish I could get a refund for this graphically enhanced game with a terrible story and even worse multiplayer. I now know to stick to certain FPS to gain my multiplayer excitement and satisfaction…because Im not going to give into the laid in tactics set by “pros”. Pros are people who spend too much time on a useless game and take it WAY to serious. And because they take it serious others do, and than it ruins the game for ALL of us trying to just have fun.

    Reapers/Zerglings/Zealots for the rush on minerals FTW – and one more unhappy SC2 player has left the ballgame. In fact… I uninstalled today, probably going to throw it away unless I can bootleg it to someone. Screw Starcraft 2.

  9. AGre3ed says:

    I totally agree with you. I’m in platinum league but I started out in bronze learning to just survive for the first 3 minutes. Everyone runs the same cookie cutter builds and counters and it’s just totally lame. But you’re trying to make a point that conflicts with the decade of fan boys this game has cultivated. They like their game as is and to any newcomer, they just end up being fodder until they learn to stand on their two feet. I hardly play anymore to be honest, it just gets old.

    If you play 1v1 you will be rushed in every cheesy way imaginable, and they will GG that like they came up with it. Just a bunch of nerd stuff they read on the the net. Braindead community if you ask me. On the other hand if you play teams you will end up fighting the spiders, mass marines or MM as they call it, or void rays. Always the SAME thing.

    Anyway this game has been shelfed for the time being. In all honesty i have no feeling to go back to it. Call it QQ if you like but I have better things to do with my spare time than play with a bunch of manual reading nerds that cant use their own brains.

    This game is an endless repetition of boring strategies that no one came up with themselves and quite frankly It’s old news. At least the original was a new experience even though i didnt really get into it. Too much work.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Butt hurt bad who suck at a game because they don’t have the brains for it.

  11. Megan Speer says:

    You put really very helpful information. Keep it up. download flash games

  12. Anonymous says:

    i agree with the anonymous person….their are counters for every rush to keep your units building, the strategy to winning after learning to stop all rushes does involve creativity, sure getting solid in build orders can be a bit repetitive but staying organized to keep it up and create good strategy to win against other good players who can do good counters as well does involve a lot of creativity, not cookie cutter patterns.

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