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Proper site almost ready!

From now on, you’ll be best to check for your daily does of angry me. This wordpress blog should be set to redirect soon, but to be safe use the above address from now on. Update those bookmarks people!

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Lucas Molyneux (Peter’s son) Message to Valve

Everyone hates him, but I like the dude (Peter that is).

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Links of the day 23rd September

A voice of reason in the Halo Reach PR hailstorm? Earogamer on Halo Reach sales Harsh, but very fair (and funny) New street fighter characters!

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Halo Reach, why the press love it so much

Over at IGN they have posted their second opinions on Reach. Will it contain reasoned criticism? A balanced, less gushing perspective on the title? Perhaps they will outline some improvements that could have been made or mention some of the … Continue reading

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Links of the day 20th Septmeber 2010

Tokyo game show cosplay – serious stuff Too much DMC though! Heres the interview where the Producer of the risible Mafia 2, blaming all the problems of the industry on gay space marines, not poorly voiced, clich├ęd open world crime … Continue reading

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Gaming weekend

It’s been a long week, but my post on Halo Reach brought the most views of anything on the site so far! In the middle of a LAN party just now and the controversial Starcraft 2 is proving popular. Here’s … Continue reading

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Top 5 Reasons not to buy Halo Reach

The Halo marketing storm has well and truly hit, if you haven’t heard the meaningless phrase “Remember Reach” then you’ve been living under a rock with no cable and internet. The web has been plastered with Reach coloured wallpaper, you … Continue reading

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