Itunes 10 is fug ugly

I just downloaded and installed and it sure looks bad. The memory capacity bar looks very strange but kind of charming with its pastel shades, but the buttons on the left all look grayed out. I thought at first that they were all deactivated.

Like a designer threw up on the screen

It comes with Ping, Apples attempt to steal some of Facebook and twitters thunder. The horribly named software is a glorified attempt to send you ads for music and movies to purchase from the store. It’s greatly reduced functionality compared with competing social networking sites and its painfully corporate overtones make it deeply unappealing. Worst of all, it asks for you genre preferences in music then allows only three selections. Well fuck you Apple, I like rock, blues, folk AND alternative! I guess fewer options make it easier to sell your details for targeted advertising.

Apple customers always sell a little bit of their soul when they purchase a shiny gizmo. The gains you get from the lovely hardware is always balanced by the draconian and function-poor software. Itunes is despised by right thinking individuals throughout geekdom, the new iTunes seems unlikely to when them, or me, over.

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