News – in brief

This is my busiest week of the year by some distance so site updates will be infrequent…but damn if I don’t love you guys too much to leave you hanging. Bear with us and normal service will be resumed soon. Until that happens, expect updates to be a little shorter and grumpier than normal, if that’s even possible.

First up: Play the Vanquish demo! Its great, like Gears on speed. It solves many of the problems of Epic’s triple AAA (that’s nine A’s) title and does it with lots of style. The mecha-manga look is a refreshing change from brown futuristic dystopias and the enemies take just the right number of bullets to go down (i.e. less than fifty). Great stuff, but remember it’s marketed by Sega so it needs all the word-of-mouth it can get.

The sliding mechanic is stupid-awesome

I’ve been diving into a bunch of graphic novels recently. I finally got round to reading Preacher and followed up immediately with Garth Ennis’ work on Punisher in Punisher:Born which was also excellent. I’m no comic expert, but I’m about to start either The Walking Dead, 100 Bullets or Batman – The Long Halloween. I’m in a mood to read something about people having a tougher week than me, so which one should I read first?

This looks like my Monday morning

Anyway, thanks all for continuing to view the site, it’s still growing and I appreciate you folks who check back regularly. Once we make it out of this week, we’re home free folks!

Lets hope it doesn't come to this

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