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MoH under fire (right or wrong?)

So once again games come under fire for their content. Only this time it’s not Jack Thompson remember him Neither is it Fox…… well okay it is Fox, but not the Fox News we all love. Who can forget their … Continue reading

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Arkham City Trailer

I’m not sure Arkham City makes much sense in Batman Canon, but the first game was stunning and this should be great. Can’t wait: Arkham City Trailer

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Awesome retro box art

I was gonna post about this, but Kotaku just posted first. Back in the day the artists were allowed lots of leeway with the art, often the amazing imagery was nothing to do with the game. It was a period … Continue reading

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Game Theory with Scott Steinberg

Everyone interested in the games industry probably wants to watch this: Episode 1

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I hate Starcraft 2 multiplayer

Well I’ve almost completed the campaign. It fairs better than I initially thought, some later missions do add a little extra to the usual RTS structure. It is all window dressing of course, fundamentally you are still running the same … Continue reading

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Medal of Honour trailer – Don’t buy this game!

I hope you get to kill children and bomb villages of peasants. Serves them right for harboring terrorists. They hate our freedom. This game is not at all inappropriate for depicting a modern war that is still ongoing and has … Continue reading

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Starcraft 2 (First Impressions)

Well its the wee hours of the 27th and Starcraft 2 has decided that it will allow me to install the game now. I had no issues installing, updating or authenticating the game. Memories of Half Life 2 and Steams … Continue reading

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